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Waxing & Threading At My Home Beauty Salon, Aldershot

What's Involved With Waxing And Threading?

There's no getting away from it. Waxing and threading pulls the hairs straight out from the hair follicle, quickly and efficiently, without damaging the skin or hair follicle. What that means is, it takes much longer for the hair to grow back compared to shaving, and when the hairs do grow back they are soft not stubbly. 

In my home beauty studio I use both warm wax and hot wax. What's the difference, you ask. Warm wax is strip wax and is better for larger areas like legs and arms. 

Hot wax (don't be fooled by the name) doesn't feel hotter on the skin compared to warm wax but it sets hard and is removed without a strip. Hot wax is better for smaller areas where precision is needed, like eyebrows. It also feels much more comfortable for intimate areas. 

Leg Waxing Aldershot.jpg

Waxing & Threading Services

Half Leg Wax (just above knee caps down to the ankles, including toes if necessary) - £26


3/4 Leg Wax (from mid thighs down to the ankles, including toes if necessary) - £33

Full Leg Wax (from the top of the thighs down to ankles, including toes if necessary. Doesn't include bikini area) - £39

Full Leg and Bikini Wax (just ensuring you are hair free from the knicker line down to your toes and save money by doing both together) - £57


Under Arm Wax (self explanatory I think) - £20


Forearms Wax (the area from elbows to wrists, includes backs of hands if necessary)- £24


Bikini Wax (the area varies slightly for each woman. Generally it includes the sides of the pant area, sometimes round to the inside of the thigh- £24

Brazilian Wax (removes most of the pubic hair at the front, leaving a strip. Removes all hair underneath and at the back too) - £39


Hollywood Wax (removes all hair, front, under and back - no survivors!) - £46

Brazilian & Under Arm Wax (save money when you book both together)- £53

Hollywood & Under Arm Wax (save money when you book both together) - £59

Lip Wax or Threading (we will discuss in salon whether waxing or threading is best for you) - £13

Brow Tidy (we will discuss in salon whether waxing or threading is best for you) - £20

Lip, Chin & Jawline Threading (threading is generally better for the fine downy hairs covering this area) - £20

Lip,Chin, Jawline and Brows (a combination of waxing, threading and tweezing may be appropriate) - £36

Brow and Face Threading Aldershot.jpg

Waxing & Threading Aftercare.

  • Do not shower/ bathe or use hot water on the area for 12 hours.

  • Wear loose clothing for 12 hours.

  • Do not sun bathe or swim for 12 hours. 

  • Only apply pure mineral makeup on the area no other makeup should be used for 12 hours.

  • For the bikini area, use a gentle scrub or loofah 3 days after waxing to discourage ingrown hairs. I can also recommend a fantastic spray to discourage ingrown hairs. 

  • Keep the area well moisturised.

If you have any questions regarding waxing or threading services not answered here, please get in touch. 

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