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Bridal Hair And Makeup for Holly - How She Overcame Her Fears

Updated: May 5, 2021

Holly was getting married in Wiltshire in 2019 and booked me to do bridal hair and makeup for her and her bridal party. Although she didn’t come across nervous to me when we met at her hair and makeup rehearsal, she confided that she wasn't sure what she really wanted and that was a little uncomfortable for her. Here is how Holly overcame her fears.

‘I was not used to having hair and makeup before my wedding and I wasn’t sure what look I wanted or whether I would like what was done, as I don’t like being the centre of attention’.

The Bridal Hair And Makeup Consultation

Holly and I met around six weeks before the wedding day to carry out her bridal hair and makeup consultation and rehearsal. We chatted about her plans for the day as well as details of her dress, flowers and bridesmaid dresses. For me this information was important to help determine Holly’s style and personality, plus if she was nervous, I hoped it would help ease her into the session gently.

We then discussed how Holly wore her hair and makeup on a day to day basis. This helped me to ascertain what might be considered natural or glamorous for her, as this varies from person to person. I had asked Holly to collect images on Pinterest of hair and makeup styles that she liked the look of. We went through the images one by one and discussed exactly what it was that Holly liked about each one. Sometimes it is just a fringe or a lip colour in an image that is just right even if the rest of the image is not suitable. Holly, like many brides, didn't know exactly what style she wanted. The process of chatting through the images and with the knowledge of what Holly liked and didn’t like, we were able to come up with a style plan.

The Bridal Hair And Makeup Rehearsal

Armed with a style plan, I created an effortless-looking chignon (low bun) with a boho braid to show off Holly’s naturally curly hair, a specification of Holly’s and her fiance’s. The makeup was glowing and natural, designed to look healthy and radiant. With such piercing blue eyes, I used golden and copper tones on Holly’s eyes to really make them pop. Once the hair and makeup was completed Holly asked for a few tweaks until she was completely thrilled with the finished look.

‘As soon as I met Ema I felt at ease and relaxed. Ema was friendly and open to all my ideas. The rehearsal is really important. Pictures helped describe the vision and Ema’s experience was key’.

Boho braids in naturally curly hair.
Blonde Curly Hair with Boho Braid Bridal Hair by Ema The Hair & Beauty Artist

The Wedding Day Morning

On the morning of the wedding, a beautiful blue-skied, sunny day, I arrived at Holly’s Airbnb cottage bright and early with all my kits in hand. I installed myself in a side room next to the sitting room, a quiet private place for all the attendants having hair and makeup could come, chill out and relax. As it turned out someone decided to put the Sound of Music DVD on in the sitting room, so we were all singing along to that. It was great fun and kept us all giggling! I had not met any of Holly’s bridesmaids or family but at her rehearsal we had talked about their looks and she was happy for each person to decide on their own look. For each person I spent an extra few minutes discussing their likes and dislikes so that each of their personalities shone through.

My Fairy Godmother Service

Having completed everyone's hair and makeup, including Holly’s, I stayed to ensure everyone was on schedule and to lend an expert hand where I could. I carry with me to every wedding, my not so little SOS kit. It contains virtually everything I may need to solve a last minute problem; sewing kit, scissors, spare buttonhole pins, marker pens, plasters, glue, you name it, I probably have it. My SOS kit and I visited every bridesmaid to ensure their dresses were neatly tied, no bra straps on show and fascinators were secure. I even made sure the men’s buttonholes were all positioned correctly. With plenty of time to spare I finally made my way to where Holly was getting ready and helped her into her dress. No-one had to worry about breaking their nails on tiny buttons or ruining their tights getting on the floor to plump out her skirts, I took care of it. Her mum and bridesmaids were able to admire Holly in all her glory and be transformed into a beautiful blushing bride. The emotion was palpable.

And then she was gone, with everyone suited and booted, photographs were snapped and the guests headed off to the church. Another Cinderella on her way to the ball. My work here was done.

'On the wedding day Ema made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, my bridesmaids and mum were all really pleased with the look Ema did for them. She had everything under control, I totally trusted her. From start to finish communication was great. I definitely recommend booking Ema for your wedding day, I couldn't have asked for more.’

And here she is, the lovely Holly on her wedding day.

If you are getting married and would like the same care and attention to detail (and Fairy Godmother Service) given to your bridal hair and makeup on your wedding day, please get in touch and let’s chat. I would love to hear about your plans for wedding hair and makeup.

Click on this link to view my wedding hair and makeup packages, which include a delicious vintage cream tea experience. If you would like to chat first then get in contact here.

Or if you are just browsing, and have only just started your wedding planning, be sure to check out my blog - 9 Tips for Pre-Wedding Skin Care to get you started.

Thanks for stopping by. Ema x


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